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Primary Nesting Season

USDA FSA has a map of the Primary Nesting Season (PNS). PNS is the period of high nesting activity of grassland birds, and managed haying and grazing is prohibited during this time frame. Notice how much the dates and length of the PNS varies even among adjacent states.

Designing Corridors – GIS Toolkit

The folks at say it best “Our goal is to transfer everything we’ve learned about designing wildlife corridors to the public to facilitate better conservation, science, and dialogue.”  The site includes examples, how-tos, white papers and – best-of-all – dozens of ArcGIS extensions.  All free.  Developed for Arizona, no doubt they could be adapted for anywhere.  See the scientific publication in Conservation Biology.  You could make an entire graduate seminar course out of this website!!

Food safety and wildlife habitat

Food safety concerns (like the e. coli – spinach scare) are influencing the amount of natural habitat in some agricultural areas.

From the article ” That translates into ripping out trees and bushes to create sterile buffer zones, up to 100 metres wide, to keep deer and other animals out of “crop blocks.” Not only does this strategy do little to impede the wildlife – which in any case is highly unlikely to carry E. coli – but it also destroys habitat for insects that pollinate plants or eat pests. The buffers also promote erosion and allow pollutants into streams.

I am all for food safety, but grassland buffers may reduce E. coli in runoff containing cattle feces,  {which are being ‘scorched’ -Sam Riffell}.

How this plays out for wildlife will worth watching.

{Thanks to Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News for putting me on to this}

More Farm Bill Reviews


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